Finally, an easy way to pay
your rent and boost your cash flow

Pay your rent via credit card.
Boost your cash flow, earn reward points!

Boost your cash flow and get rewarded

Boost your
cash flow

The interest free days of your card provider will increase your cash flow.

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Earn reward points with
each payment

Earn reward points for every payment that is made via credit card.
Payments made via credit card are not a cash advance.

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Register, set and forget

Register, enter your lease payment details and set a payment method. It's as simple as that.

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About easyshare residential

A secure, online payment platform for the payment of your residential property rent. The payment via credit card will improve your cash flow via taking advantage of the interest free days credit & charge cards offer. In addition to improving your cash flow, you will earn reward points on credit card transactions made using the platform.

The process is simple, registration includes details on the frequency and payment of rent. We set up a recurring direct debit for amount and then process the transaction from you and pay it to your property manager or landlord.

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What Our Clients Say

  • I like the option of paying my residential rent on my credit card and earning reward points. The kids want me to take them to Disneyland!

    - Tim

Credit Card

  • No contract term
  • 1.5% Including GST for VISA/MasterCard transactions
  • 3.3% Including GST for AMEX transactions

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