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Live with housemates?

Register, set and forget

One-time set up of automatic direct debits ensures all flatmates pay their share of rent and bills on time.

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Trusted secure platform

All payments are processed by a major Australian bank.

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Two payment methods

Pay via direct debit or credit card. Payments made via credit card are not a cash advance.

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Communication made easy

Forget emails. With our centralised platform you'll never miss a beat.

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Take advantage of our
exclusive savings.

We've negotiated special rates for our members, so you can save more.

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  • Pay bills

  • Pay rent

  • Split expenses

  • Track communication

Paying rent made easy

No more chasing housemates to make rent payments. No more calendar reminders. No more spreadsheet. No more spotting your housemates. No more arguments. We've got you covered.

Each housemate sets up their individual payment method and we take care of the rest! We collect rent from each housemate and pay the total to your property manager or landlord. Your rent will be paid on time, every time, hassle free!


Splitting bills made easy

Sick of chasing your housemates to pay their share? Receive a bill, upload it, enter the payment split and let us collect and make the payment for you.

No more confusion around what is outstanding, no more surprises and no more arguments!


Expenses made easy

Easyshare puts a stop to those notes on the fridge. Keep track of shared household expenses owing between housemates.


Communication made easy

Got a property manager who doesn't respond to emails or calls? Whether it's a repair request or general enquiry, use our intelligent communications platform to talk to your housemates and property manager.


Savings made easy

We've negotiated discounted rates with household service suppliers (i.e. internet provider, utilities provider) in order to make the statement that easyshare saves you time and money!


What Our Users Say

  • We use easyshare in our house for shared bills only and it saves me a lot of time both calculating the bill and then the struggle to collect it from my housemate.

    - Peter

  • I travel frequently I have become totally reliant on easyshare to pay my portion of rent. I never have to worry about missing a rent payment again.

    - Alex

You're one click away from
stress free living.

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  • $ 4 .95/mth*
    per household
  • Free

  • Unlimited housemates
  • Full functionality
  • No contract term
* housemates electing to pay via credit card will incur
transaction costs of 1.5% for Visa/Mastercard or 3.3% for American Express transactions.

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